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MyIgSource Patient Advocates play an important role in helping to nurture a strong community for all people living with primary immunodeficiency (PI). Meet the Patient Advocates/Speaker Team here, and at the education programs they present.

Patient Advocate Dayna, a smiling woman with brown hair standing in office, four children with PI

Meet Dayna,
a mother of four children with PI.

Patient Advocate Julie, a smiling blond woman wearing white, active traveler with PI

Meet Julie,
an active traveler with PI.

Patient Advocate Nichole, a working mother living with PI

Meet Nichole,
a working mom living with PI.

Patient Advocate Sue, a smiling senior woman with short white hair, a former teacher diagnosed with PI

Meet Sue,
a former teacher, diagnosed with PI.

Patient Advocate Scott, a middle-aged man in blazer and blue shirt with short brown hair and wire-rimmed glasses, diagnosed with PI

Meet Scott,
a father of two, diagnosed with PI.

Patient Advocate Laura, a smiling woman with curly red hair and bright pink sweater standing in yard, both she and her son are diagnosed with PI

Meet Laura,
both she and her son are diagnosed with PI.

Patient Advocate Kris, a smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair and glasses in bright green sweater, part of an active multigenerational PI family

Meet Kris,
multigenerational PI family with an active lifestyle.

Patient Advocate Renee, a smiling woman with long auburn hair, former teacher diagnosed with CVID

Meet Renee,
a former teacher, diagnosed with CVID.

Patient Advocate Austen, a smiling man with short brunette hair and eyeglasses, diagnosed early with PI

Meet Austen,
an amateur cook with a passion for sports.

Patient Advocate Lori, a smiling woman in a crocheted sweater with shoulder-length brown hair, whose spouse has PI

Meet Lori,
a long-time Advocate whose spouse has PI.

Patient Advocate Shawna, a smiling woman with long wavy brown hair, whose daughter was diagnosed with PI at 18

Meet Shawna,
an active mother, grandmother, care partner, and baker.

Patient Advocate Xan, a smiling woman in a black sweater with short blond hair with 25 years of experience with PI

Meet Xan,
with 25+ years of PI experience.

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